ENQUIRE NOW +254 733 349 711 info@safariman-expeditions.com
ENQUIRE NOW +254 733 349 711 info@safariman-expeditions.com

Safariman Expeditions

Safariman Expeditions is a well established Kenyan company Privately owned and operated by experienced travel professionals who know and love this part of Africa.


  • Safari Planning.
  • Well Organized and Transparent.
  • We make sure your holiday gives you value for money.
  • We understand East Africa Safari!

African Safari is a Luxury Experience

In many destinations around the world, luxury is measured using star ratings, a standardized system denoting quality. That’s not particularly applicable on African safari, the inimitability of the environment and experience necessitating a new set of markers. You won’t find a concierge desk or valet service, nor will there be a flat-screen TV with 600 channels.

African safari can fulfill traditional notions of luxury; lavish rooms with panoramic vistas, handcrafted opulent fittings, serenity exuding throughout, and an unrivaled personal service. Yet in many aspects it creates its own definitions; kerosene lantern-lit dinners beneath the stars, giraffe saying hello as you sit down to breakfast, opening the curtains and watching the great wildebeest migration. With evocative landscapes providing the canvas, African safari can be as luxurious as anywhere on the planet.

Be it an exciting safari itinerary, special interest tour, outbound travel, incentive program, meeting and conference arrangements, corporate event management, film production & logistics or airline ticketing – Safariman is the competent partner for the individual, family, group or corporate travelers to East Africa. This is our destination, we know it and we know how to tailor-make an East African event or itinerary to suit any requirement or budget.

As a Destination Management Company we specialize in incentive programs, Safariman-Expeditions is dedicated in offering tour services making clients satisfied, we have an experience like no other and get value of their money. Tailor made safaris is available, and free information are provided to clients. Itineraries are provided based on Clients Preference and cost which can comfortably fit their budget.

Our Pride is based on a strong reputation for quality and reliability built up and committed on delivering the highest level of customer care.

A part from game / leisure safaris we do provide special safaris such as Bird watching. This is due to our experienced staffs that are familiar and will lead you to the best sites. We believe and we do support in harmonizing the peaceful co-existence of man and the wild life for the benefit of the generations that is ahead.

Group Packages

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